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Low emission inventory

dzialanie2.jpgIn which part of our city the number of solid fuel stoves is the largest? Is it the centre of Kraków with tenement buildings or maybe its outskirts with a dense single-family housing? The action “Low emission inventory in the field of active stoves, boiler rooms and fireplaces using solid fuels in the area of Kraków and inclusion of the data into the Municipal Spatial Information System” will comprise not only the inventory of furnaces, but additionally the value of their PM10 emission will be estimated. The work of specialists will result in creating a digital map showing the location of buildings and the number of active solid fuel stoves for each building. The resulting data will be integrated with the Municipal Spatial Information System and will be used primarily for a better planning of activities aimed at eliminating low emissions. On the other hand the identification of low emission sources will be one of many input components of the advanced modeling implemented by the IMWM NRI.

The inventory results

In October 2015. An inventory of furnace devices, boiler rooms and fireplaces for solid fuel was completed.

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